Hello from THXStereo,

The specialty place for one of the best high-end systems available in the world. In this magical place we have systems that truly set a standard in music, sound and picture reproduction. We are perfectionist audiophile with over 15 years of experience in high-end audio sales and consultation. We are dedicated to helping you embrace your passion for music. We buy/sell/trade both brand new and used
gears. Wether you want quality gears at tremendous savings or new equipment competively priced, you want THXStereo.

Clearance Sale

CD/SACD player/Turntable:                 Power Amps:

Esoteric K-01:  $12,980
Esoteric K-03:  $7,4980
Esoteric K-05:  $5,400                                                                     

Mcintosh MT5: $5,350 WooAudio 6: $550
Mcintosh MCD550: $5,350   Mcintosh MC275 V:  $4,490
Mcintosh MCD500: $4,250                                                               Mcintosh MC1.2kw:  $17,500
Mcintosh MCD1100:  $7,450                                                             Mcintosh  MC601:  $9,400                  
Mcintosh MCD301:  $3,200                                                               Krell KAV250a: $1,490
Mcintosh MCD201:  $2,200
Harmon Kardon HD990: $450
                                                     MBL 6010D:  $9,800
                                                                             Mcintosh C2300:  $4,400
                                                                             Mcintosh D100:  $2,100
Bryston B25: $1,250
Cary SPL03 with Haltron tubes: $1,350
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus $290
Phono Preamp Lehamnn Audio Black Cube SE II (upgraded external power transformer:  $,1150


Silver One Audio Circle 5.0: $2,950
Silver One Audio Circle 3.0: $1,950
Richard Gray

Please call or email for the updated list of clearance inventory.